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I’m just going to come out and say it: picking a select few beta testers out of hundreds was incredibly difficult. While it initially seemed like I would be able to do this alone, the emails kept coming in faster than I could read them. To compensate for this, I asked my friend Paul Thorsen to help me sort through all the emails. Don’t worry, I still saw every email, but with Paul helping I was able to finish even quicker than I thought. Because of this, make sure to thank him for his hard work! (Or if you weren’t selected, feel free to blame him.)

Anyway, I know you all are anxiously awaiting the results of this entire process, so I’m writing up two separate blog posts: this one you’re reading now with the results themselves, and another coming up soon describing what happened behind the scenes and other small tidbits I wish to share. It was originally going to be combined into one big blog post, but since the latter would take longer to write I decided to write and publish them separately.

So, ready to find out who has the privilege of beta testing GBA4iOS 2.0? Here they are!



Congratulations to all those who were selected! I’ll be notifying you by email in the coming days with more information. As for those of you who weren’t picked and want to possibly find out why, check out the next blog post I’ll be posting shortly (hopefully in the next few hours). Also, remember that GBA4iOS will be free and available for everyone to download when it is released, without having to jailbreak your iOS device.

Thanks everyone for your interest in this project, I’ll make sure to continue to keep you all updated!

Riley Testut

Riley Testut

Independent iOS developer, USC student, and Apple fan.

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