GBA4iOS Skin Contest Winners

Just over two weeks ago, I (finally) wrote up the complete instructions on how to create custom GBA4iOS controller skins. One of the driving forces behind custom skins was to see what ideas people could come up with, so after posting the instructions I mentioned a competition where everyone could submit their designs, and the best ones would be featured in GBA4iOS for download.

Well, that competition has ended, and here are the results (ranked in no particular order.) All the skins you see below are now available for download within GBA4iOS, so if you see one you like, make sure to go download it!

iPhone Black

by Nicholas Phan

Advance: Midnight Blue

by Brad Linder

Oracle of Ages

by Dario Sepulveda (for the Game Boy Advance version of this skin, and other fantastic custom skins, check out!


by Chris Nutter

Praise Helix

by Alex Hayes


by SiggiBartman

SP: Platinum

by Brad Linder

Epic Skin

by Noah Overcash


Thanks to everyone who entered the contest; it was awesome to see all your ideas! Remember, if you didn’t get picked this time, you can always submit to, and they may host your skin for you so others can download it. And for those select few who were chosen, congratulations; you earned it!

Hopefully, these skins will inspire you all to create even more skins of your own, and I can’t wait to see what you come up with!